I never tire of learning from a founder about how much creativity, sacrifice, and commitment is necessary to start and build a successful business.

Brian Knez Managing Partner

I love working with people who are excited about what they do. And no one is more excited than an entrepreneur. Their enthusiasm and energy is contagious, and the stakes are higher because their business is their baby.

Steve Berg Managing Partner

Castanea and its partner companies are blessed with talented, intellectually curious executives connected by a common goal – to create an environment where both our businesses and the people within them can grow and prosper.

Jerry Hughes Operating Partner

I find myself energized by the opportunity to play a part in the growth of the great brands with whom we partner – with full appreciation that the hardest work is done on the ground by founders and operators.

Mike Banu Principal

Working with people I truly care about both personally and professionally is what makes Castanea so unique.

Erin Adams Administrative Assistant

Work fills such a large part of our lives; it’s important to me to work at a place that is fulfilling and rewarding both professionally and personally. I love coming to work every day!

Jennifer Lefebvre Manager Fund Accounting