Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer

Colleen Love
(617) 630-2406

I am fortunate to work with each of our talented professionals, some of whom I have known for most of my career. I have the privilege to work with each investment team over the lifecycle of our investment in the portfolio company from acquisition to exit.

I joined Castanea as CFO in 2004 and later became the CCO as well. I began my career at Deloitte, where I was one of a few liberal arts graduates hired as an experiment and taught accounting on the job. During my tenure at Deloitte, I passed the CPA exam, spent 2 years in the Brussels office, and served as audit manager on a few large accounts, including Harcourt/General Cinema. Ultimately I joined Harcourt and Neiman Marcus and was primarily responsible for external financial reporting. I spent several years at Harcourt gaining invaluable corporate experience and building professional relationships that continue today.

I graduated from Amherst College where, if it were possible, I should have majored in the social graces, since the skills I use most often include playing nice and keeping the trains running on time, while gently saying “no” to everyone who asks for spending or compliance approval.

I live in Newton with my husband and daughter, and enjoy reading, traveling, and cheering on the Red Sox.

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