Patrick Rue

The Bruery

I picked up home brewing as a hobby to distract me from the banality of law school.

Brewing my own beer soon became an obsession, driving my wife Rachel mad with the messes that I would leave on the kitchen stove. However, soon enough my beer brews received industry recognition and awards. Upon finishing school, rather than studying for the California Bar exam, I developed a business plan – a bold endeavor that shows through still today in the innovative beers on which The Bruery prides itself.

Now a full-fledged boutique craft brewery, The Bruery’s foundation is built on the excitement that I felt in those early years of home brewing, and our team continues to strive for that same passion in every aspect of our business today. We specialize in barrel-aged and experimental ales and never stop challenging ourselves to develop distinctive and imaginative beers. We’re constantly pursuing improvement in all that we do. We brew dozens of original beers each year with our list of ingredients and inspirations growing constantly. Our collection of oak barrels has also become a primary element of our brewery as nearly half of our beer is aged in wine or spirit barrels bringing forth flavors reminiscent of the Belgian countryside or classic American distillers.

The Bruery specializes in experimental sour and barrel-aged beers.  
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