Founder and CEO

Matt Thomas

Brew Dr. Kombucha

I started Townshend’s Tea Company in 2006 with the idea of serving great teas in a casual teahouse setting.

Over the years, the Townshend’s Tea collection expanded to over 120 tea offerings, including classic teas, rare varieties, chai latte recipes made from scratch, authentic Taiwanese bubble tea, and an herbal apothecary line.

In 2008, we started making kombucha in the kitchens of our teahouses, naming it Brew Dr. Kombucha. It was only natural for us to select some of the great tea blends we had developed for service at our teahouses and ferment those into kombucha. We since learned that our approach is unique as the majority of commercially available kombucha is flavored with juice at the time of bottling. Our flavor profile comes from our attention to the quality and formulation of the organic tea and botanicals we use, creating a difference you can taste.

Today we operate 9 teahouses, the world’s first tea distillery, and our organic 100% raw kombucha is distributed across the U.S. and Canada. We hope you’ll agree that our no-shortcuts approach is worth the effort.


Matt Thomas Brew Dr. Kombucha
Matt founded Townshend's Tea Company in 2006. 1 of 2
Brew Dr. Kombucha is an organic and 100% raw kombucha. 2 of 2
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