Initial Investment Date: March 2017

Yasso is a brand of frozen Greek yogurt desserts that is available in all major grocery and club stores within the United States.


Amanda and Drew have created a differentiated product that has generated broad consumer appeal. Yasso’s delicious frozen Greek yogurt bars and pints are naturally low in calories and made with simple ingredients.

Yasso for kids
Yasso bars are a delicious healthy treat. 1 of 3
Yasso frozen Greek yogurt pints launched in 2018 with 8 flavors.  2 of 3
A selection of Yasso's stick bar flavors.  3 of 3

Founded in 2009 by kindergarten best friends Amanda Klane and Drew Harrington, Yasso was the first to market frozen Greek yogurt, re-imagining dessert with indulgent flavors and quality ingredients that meet nutritional benchmarks. Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt is available in both stick bars and pints ranging from 80-150 calories and 5-6 grams of protein per serving.

The company distributes its products nationwide in over 15,000 grocery stores, club stores, and mass retailers like Target and Walmart.

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