Donald Pliner

Initial Investment Date: February 2011

Donald Pliner designs and markets luxury footwear for women and men, sold through specialty and upscale department stores, company-owned stores, and the brand’s website.


Under Javan’s leadership, the Donald Pliner brand continues to appeal to a loyal following for its cutting-edge design, high comfort and high quality

Donald Pliner is known for innovative materials, remarkable design, and quality craftsmanship.  1 of 4
Donald Pliner has brought innovation and thoughtfulness to the design and construction of footwear and accessories. 2 of 4
Lower heel-height, color, and embellishment are the hallmarks of Donald Pliner shoes 3 of 4
The brand vision epitomizes self-confidence and a bold fashion voice. 4 of 4

Founded in 1989, Donald Pliner established itself as a stylish and forward-thinking brand, creating products known for their cutting-edge design, high comfort and quality, and appealing to a broad urban and non-urban customer base.

Donald Pliner’s product line includes women’s and men’s dress and casual footwear that is sold through six company-owned retail stores located in Miami, New Orleans, Houston, Las Vegas, San Jose, and Orlando. Additionally, Donald Pliner products are sold nationwide in specialty stores, upscale department stores, and through the company’s website.

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